Please Read Carefully, It Could Save You A Lot of Time!


It's great to see you are ready to explore the real growth opportunities in your business, and I'm excited to be able to share with you what I know in person... IF I'm sure it will be of VALUE!


You see, I'm not one to waste people's time if I can't add value, and certainly not one to try and "convince" someone of anything that I know won't help them.


So, here’s the deal...


I’m happy to spend time on a call, exploring and uncovering what's really going on for your business, and sharing with you my best strategies and tactics, for FREE! But ONLY if I believe I can help, which also requires your honesty and an open-mind.


In return for your honesty and open-mindedness during that conversation, I promise not to try and sell you anything, or hustle you into signing up for something you don’t want. This is a NO PITCH ZONE - I Promise!


My desired outcome is simple – to work WITH you in uncovering your most immediate engagement, conversion and growth opportunites and help you understanding your business' true potential.


If I'm not doing that, or at any time you want to end the call, you have my unoffended permission to do so, no hard feelings. In fact– if at the end, you’ve not found at least one thing that can help you – just send me a £50 invoice for your time on the call.


Of course, if from our chat you want to take things further and explore what the Vision to Value and the Perfect Proposition Blue-Print Programme will do for you and your business, then great... everyone is happy, and you get to accelerate your growth.


So, what’s the catch?


Well, there is no catch, but there is a set of criteria you need to meet, which let me know if you're the kind of person or business that has a desire to breakthrough where you're currently at and grow, and ensure I'm going to be of value to you.


There are certain businesses or markets I may not be able to help with (for instance, I guarantee a "non-compete" while working with existing clients), and you have to have a certain level of success already for me to maximise and optimise. And, quite simply, I don't like to work with people who are just looking for a cheap and cosmetic win, or who don't take pride in their professional position and reputation. I work with professionals with ethics, who provide great value themselves and provide real service to their clients.


Therefore, it's only worth (for both of us) me in engaging and having a conversation with you if:


1) Your current annual turnover is around £500,000 or above.


2) You are genuinely interested in breaking past your six-figure revenue barrier.


3) You are at a level (owner, director, leader etc.) that you can if you choose, make a difference in your business from what you learn.


4) You consider it not just your responsibility, but your absolute duty to operate both professionally and ethically.


That’s pretty much it for now. But if you think you're a good fit to the criteria above, let’s have a conversation and see if we can’t find a whole new way of understanding the barriers and opportunities in your business.


Just follow the steps in the grey Form Box below, and I'll be in touch directly to get started.


Thanks again...

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